Okurayama Hatsuden


DIY solar power panel and battery connecting workshop.


Okurayama Hatsuden, Okurayama power generation, is the name of our workshop and we will invite Fujino Denryoku, ”藤野電力”, to be our instructor.


Workshop venue


Date & Time    Sunday, August 19

◆ 10:00 - 12:00   Solar panel kit and a battery assembly

◆ 13:00 - 15:00   Disaster prevention and preparation workshop




Place         Cafe MIEL Okurayama, Yokohama


Price               45,800 yen (w/t solar panel kit)

  1,000 yen (w/o solar panel kit; just become an audience)


Instructor        Fujino Denryoku

                              * English translation will be available if requested


Specs of the solar panel kit

  • output 50W
  • generates 200W of power per day
  • lasts for 4 - 6 hours for 50W laptop PC
  • lasts for 5 - 8 hours for liquid crystal TV

Solar panel kit contains;

  • 50W solar panel
  • 10A Charge controller
  • 50Ah/20Hr Deep cycle battery (Cillicon electrolytic solution)
  • 280W DC/AC inverter
  • 2 Cigar socket adapters with 2 USB adapters


Please send an e-mail if you want to join or if you have any questions about this workshop.



You can also invite Fujino Denryoku to your town!

Any town or organization can invite them to organize a workshop if there are more than 3 people (depending on how far your town is from Fujino ) who is going to buy the solar panel kit.